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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Guru Gorakshnath (Shri Nath Ji) and Lord Shiva

Guru Gorakshnath (Shri Nath Ji) and Lord Shiva
Adesh Shambhujati Maharaj Guru Gorakshnath Ji !

Shiva is Param Brahmn. Param Brahmn is name of a God beyond which everything is unknown. Shiva is also popularly known by the name of "Adi Purush". 

Gorakshnath is Param Brahmn. Param Brahmn is a name of a Guru beyond which everything is unknown. Gorakshnath is populary known by the name of "Alakh Purush".

Shiva keeps Trishul, Damru, Kamandal, Khappar and Jholi along with him all the time. Shiva wears a "Mala of Snake" and "Bagamber (Skin of a tiger)" as his sitting place (Asana). Shiva's consort is Shakti - The Mahadevi. Shiva says a true yogi carries all this along with him.

Gorakshnath keeps Trishul, Damru, Kamandal, Khappar, Jholi and Chimta along with him all the time. Gorakshnath wears a "Nad Janyu" and "Snakes" as his sitting place (Asana). Gorakshnath consort is Soham - The Yogic Capabilities. Gorakshnath says a true yogi carries all this along with him.

What is different between the statements of Shiva (Adi Purush) and Gorakshnath (Alakh Purush)?

Gorakshnath keeps all what Shiva says but Shiva neither keeps "Chimta" along  nor he wears a "Nad Janyu" as well. So one day Gorakshnath (Alakh Purush) was giving an Updesh to his thousands of disciples and Shiva joined in. Shiva asked about Goraksha! What is the maya of this Chimta that you suggest every yogi should keep along. Shiva said O! Alakh Purush! You are Alakh Niranjan! Only you know your Maya and no one else in the universe. Shiva said O! Goraksha! Please help me understand the Maya of this Chimta. Please see the text below. This ancient text is as old as the Gorakshnath is. This text is nothing but a Mantra of Chimta that each yogi should carry and without a Chimta, the yogi is not complete. Hence Shiva also became a disciple to learn from "Alakh Purush".

In this Mantra, Gorakshnath (The Alakh Purush) is teaching to Lord Shiva (The Adi Purush), how important is this Chimta for a yogi to carry and how is a "Dhuna of a Yogi" is incomplete without this Chimta. On the request of Lord Shiva, Gorakshnath (Alakh Purush) provided a Chimta to him.

Shiva always keeps on chant "Alakh Niranjan". Now from this above mantra, you can easily understand whose name is this "Alakh Niranjan". It's a name of "Alakh Purush". In the universe, only Guru Gorakshnath is "Alakh Purush" and no one else.

So think, who is there before the beginning of the universe. It's "Alakh Purush" or "Adi Purush" ?? Looks like big question ?? This "Alakh Purush" provided the "Ashes" from his "Dhuna" to help Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva for the creation and operation of this universe.

It is everywhere mentioned that Lord Shankar is an incarnation of Gorakshnath. It 's in Gorakh Puran, Gorakh Chalisa and every literature related to Gorakshnath.

So the "Alakh Purush" is a supreme form of a God. He is Gorakshnath. People call him Sada-Shiva and Param Vishnu. No one as on date have seen Sada-Shiva and Param Vishnu because these are formless, shapeless ("Nirakar") forms of Gorakshnath.

As the Mantra of Chimta suggest, it is the Gorakshnath Chimta which made the universe alive (Make each one of us awake) after Brahma, Vishnu and Shankara just created. Now the reader of this post must be thinking how this can be possible with Chimta. What Brahma, Vishnu and Shankara created were just bodies without a soul. This science of putting a soul in a body is with Gorakshnath (Alakh Purush).  First Gorakshnath put the soul in each one of us through his "Nad Janyu" and then using a "Chimta", he made all of us awake.

The dead body is popularly known as "Shava" in Hindi. When "Shakti" combines with "Shava", it makes "Shiva". Shiva means anything which is alive ("Chetan").  It is "Nad Janyu" that Gorakshnath wears, generates "Shakti" which combines with "Shava" and that's how Shiva gets generated. This also proves "Shakti", the Universal Mother was there before Brahma, Vishnu and Shankara. Gorakshnath generated the "Shakti" first and then it is distributed everywhere to make the universe alive ("Chetan").

"Nad Janyu" and "Chimta" are two things in which Gorakshnath differs from Shiva as I described above.

"Sab Guru Gorakshnath Ji Ki Maya Hai, Chimta Se Sabko Jagaya Hai ! Isiliye Shankar Mahadev Ne Alakh Niranjan Gaya Hai !!" 

Soham Jinki Shakti Hai, Shonya Jinki Mata Hai, Avgat Jinke Pita Hai, Abhay Jinka Panth Hai, Achal Jinki Padhvi Hai, Niranjan Jinka Gotra Hai, Vihangam Jinki Jaati HaYahi Pehchan Guru Gorakshnath Ji Ki Hai

Whose name is this “Alakh Niranjan”? It’s a name of Guru Gorakshnath. His “gotra” is “Niranjan”. In the universe, Only Guru Gorakshnath “gotra's” is “Niranjan” and no one else other’s.

I (Bhuwan Joshi), bow down to the feet of my Guru Gorakshnath Ji!
ना कोई साई, ना कोई माई! भुवन के गुरु  श्री गोरख राई !!

आदेश! आदेश! आदेश! 

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